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NeuVector protects containers in production for leading companies in financial services, insurance, healthcare, public sector, and eCommerce


“NeuVector provides the network inspection, visualization, and security needed for dynamic container environments. The solution integrates easily into our automated workflow and the built-in intelligence let’s us scale quickly. It even helped us debug network connections from mis-configured application updates.”

Tobias Gurtzick / Security Architect / Arvato Bertelsmann Financial Services


“Securing our customers' information is a critical piece of our mission at Chime. We are committed to delivering the highest levels of security and privacy across all of our systems. We selected NeuVector because of its proven expertise in container network security, and specifically for its comprehensive approach to run-time protection. With its industry leading container firewall, NeuVector enables us to protect our container traffic from malicious attacks, vulnerabilities and hackers.”

Nathan Oakes / Sr. Manager of Technical Operations / Chime


“At Clear Review, we value security and privacy. As our container work evolved, we knew we needed to identify a security platform to evolve with the product and protect container traffic at the network level and in production. By providing a true container firewall, packaged with all the functionality you would expect, after a thorough vendors’ evaluation exercise, we recognized NeuVector as the best fit partner for our organisation's security requirement.

NeuVector hits the spot: it scans, provides container firewall protection and monitors and secures traffic between containers. The GUI is very intuitive and quickly provides a top-level performance view. There are not that many solutions that do all three of these things well. Working with NeuVector feels like dealing with a partner, not a vendor. NeuVector is interested in our needs and has a genuine interest in our input for their product roadmap.”

Gian Piero Zambrini / Head of Privacy & Information / Clear Review


“As one of the largest providers of credit information, credit risk management and fraud prevention in Germany, we are committed to providing the most secure technology environments possible. As our customers increasingly embrace container architecture, and Kubernetes specifically, we have decided to use NeuVector to provide container runtime protection without compromise. NeuVector excels at providing vulnerability scanning in all stages, admission control and policy administration, and container security monitoring and alerting.”

Dr. Sayf Al-Sefou / Chief Technology Officer / CRIF Bürgel GmbH


“NeuVector is the strongest player in Kubernetes security market, giving us the ability to both monitor and visualize the network traffic we’re generating, plus a complete static analysis offering for our container base layers. By using NeuVector’s end-to-end container security solution, I’m confident that we’re detecting attacks from both malicious containers containing injected vulnerabilities and from more traditional instrusion vectors. I sleep just a bit easier knowing these kinds of threats will be automatically detected and addressed. With NeuVector in our security quiver, we can confidently tell our customers that the Element Platform is secure against bad actors.”

“NeuVector continues to raise the bar on securing the entire container lifecycle. The compliance templates and vulnerability workflow management improves our compliance efficiency and ultimately reduces our exposure to exploits. For example, we can easily identify and focus on the vulnerabilities that could impact external facing services, while closing those which are not relevant. The OPA integration and serverless security additions will also be valuable as we continue to enhance and expand our cloud security initiatives.”

Sean McCormick / Vice President of Engineering / Element Analytics


“If someone does compromise a pod, and performs a zero-day exploit, there’s nothing at that point to prevent someone from moving from a front-end pod to the database pod. With NeuVector we can now look at traffic flows and create more granular enforcement for pod to pod traffic. I recommend that you take a serious look at what’s running inside your network.”

Jon Deeming / VP PaaS Architecture / Experian


“As the leading European banking service provider, security and the ability to meet regulatory demands is crucial to figo. To ensure the success of our container project, we knew we had to find a container network security solution that could meet our technical and regulatory needs. We found that solution with NeuVector’s unique combination of container network visibility, runtime security, scalability and proven Kubernetes expertise.

We selected NeuVector to protect containers in production because it combines network and run-time security with vulnerability management for compliance. Protecting sensitive data is a top concern at figo, and NeuVector 3.0 with DLP to detect unencrypted credit card and other personal data in network transmissions is important for our defense in depth as well as our PCI compliance program. NeuVector is also continuing its innovation by providing deep network visibility into service mesh encrypted traffic.”

Christian Hüning / System Architect / Figo GmbH


“At, we understand the power of a company’s reputation. Operating a safe and secure IT infrastructure is paramount to our own reputation. NeuVector with its focus on uncompromised run-time security, and container network security at the Layer 7 level, provides us with the visibility to secure container traffic, combined with automation, enforcement and mitigation capabilities.”

David Matanane / Senior Director of IT and InfoSec /