Cloud Security

Use Cloud-Native Tools OPA and CRD to Protect Applications from Pipeline to Production

By Gary Duan Application owners and IT administrators have been looking for tools that can help them secure their application pipeline, from the development stage to deployment and production. How to do this reliably and efficiently without slowing down development processes remains a big challenge. This is where Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Kubernetes Custom… Read more »

Cloud Security

NeuVector Releases New Vulnerability Management Tools That Strengthen and Automate End-to-End Container Security

Now part of the NeuVector platform, enterprise DevOps and security teams get the Vulnerability and Compliance Explorer, a high-performance scanner, and enhanced host protection   San Jose, CA – April 14, 2020 – NeuVector, the leader in Full Lifecyle Container Security, today announced the NeuVector platform includes new features – purpose-built for enterprise DevOps and… Read more »

Cloud Security

End-to-End Vulnerability Management for Images, Containers and Kubernetes

NeuVector 3.2 Release Adds a Vulnerability & Compliance ‘Explorer,’ High Performance Scanner, and Host Process Protection   The ‘Shift-Left’ movement to build security into the CI/CD pipeline continues to grow. Vulnerability management is a critical component of this, and organizations must ‘Shift-Left, then Shift-Right‘ in order to fully protect critical assets and sensitive data throughout… Read more »

Docker Security

Alpine Linux Docker Image Vulnerability CVE-2019-5021

Attackers can login to root with no password on affected systems On May 8, 2019, a potentially serious vulnerability was announced affecting the Docker Alpine Linux container image. The vulnerability allows an attacker to authenticate as the root user with no password if using Linux PAM or other authentication means. Potentially thousands of downloads of… Read more »