Cloud Security

Use Cloud-Native Tools OPA and CRD to Protect Applications from Pipeline to Production

By Gary Duan Application owners and IT administrators have been looking for tools that can help them secure their application pipeline, from the development stage to deployment and production. How to do this reliably and efficiently without slowing down development processes remains a big challenge. This is where Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Kubernetes Custom… Read more »

Container Security

10 Steps to Automate Container Security Into the CI/CD Pipeline

How to Implement Container Security Automation Into the Kubernetes Pipeline Enforcing security and compliance requirements in modern cloud-native pipelines can be a challenge without at least some level of container security automation. The increased attack surface of container infrastructures makes security even more important, but security and DevOps teams can’t afford to slow the pipeline… Read more »


NeuVector First to Bring “Security Policy as Code” to Kubernetes Workloads

DevOps and DevSecOps teams can now more quickly deliver secure cloud-native apps by using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to define, manage, and automate application security policies throughout the CI/CD pipeline San Diego, at KubeCon – November 18, 2019 – NeuVector, the leader in Full Lifecycle Container Security, today announced the immediate availability of the industry’s… Read more »

Cloud Security

How to Create ‘Security Policy as Code’ to Automate Application Security Policies in the CI/CD Pipeline

DevOps and DevSecOps teams can now automatically deploy and update new applications securely using Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition (CRDs) As DevOps teams integrate their toolchain to enable automated deployment of container-based applications, one aspect has always slowed down a modern cloud-native pipeline: security. And while automated vulnerability scanning is now standard practice, creating the security… Read more »