How to Protect Secrets in Containers Using DPI and DLP

Fei Huang Cloud Security

By Fei Huang Every cloud application and service utilizes a key (secret) to identify and authorize communications. Secrets are also used to authorize access to containerized applications which require a login. These credentials are widely used by public facing services as well as internal and external REST API’s everywhere. Examples include the AWS IAM access key, Google API access token, …

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How to Protect Sensitive Data in Containers with Container DLP

Glen Kosaka Container Security

We recently announced the industry’s first Container DLP capability to help enterprises protect sensitive data. Let’s take a deeper look into data loss prevention (aka data leak protection) and how it applies to containers. What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? DLP solutions help detect potential sensitive data violations and prevent accidental or malicious data breaches. Sensitive data is anything that …

NeuVector 3.0 Delivers First and Only Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solution for Containers

Glen Kosaka Articles, Container Security

Container DLP capabilities protect sensitive PII and PCI data in container networks across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments San Francisco, CA – March 1, 2019 – NeuVector, the leader in container network security, today announced significant new enhancements in NeuVector 3.0 – a new version of the platform trusted to deliver highly-integrated, automated, and network-aware container security for production Kubernetes …