Docker Security

17 Backdoored Malicious Images Removed From Docker Hub, But Are You Really Any Safer?

By Fei Huang Docker Hub recently removed 17 backdoored Docker images. This action came after Fortinet reported some cryptomining activity which linked back to these images. Here are some of the interesting facts: Backdoors were hidden inside the MySQL and Tomcat images, which are some of the most popular application containers on Docker Hub. These… Read more »

Container Security

Backdoor Found in Open Source SSH package

A serious backdoor vulnerability in a popular software package was recently reported. It was found in the ssh-decorator Python package. In this open source library, a log function was sending clear text IP addresses, login names and passwords to an external site: “” This immediately became one of the hottest topics about which thousands of… Read more »

Container Security

Equifax Data Breach Analysis – Container Security Implications

By Gary Duan The Equifax data breach is one of the largest and costliest customer data leaks in history. Let’s take a closer look at the vulnerabilities and exploits reportedly used. Could the use of containers have helped protect Equifax? We’ll examine how proper security in a container based infrastructure helps to make application security… Read more »

Container Security

Arvato Infoscore Moves to Microservices Securely with NeuVector

Container Visibility and Microservices Security Was Critical for Migration Project The Container Project A year ago, Arvato, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, embarked on an ambitious plan to migrate to a microservices based architecture with Docker containers as a key enabler. The project required robust microservices security and would enable Arvato to be more effective in… Read more »