Visibility and Monitoring

Real-time Container Visibility and Monitoring

Protecting Containers Is Impossible Without Real-Time Visibility Into the Container Network

Containers are constantly starting, stopping, and updating when in a production environment. Getting real-time container visibility and monitoring is difficult without tools that understand network, application, and service behavior for containers.

  • Discovers running containers, services and nodes
  • Adapts instantly to container scaling and updates
  • Logs container connections, workload, and violations

Container Visibility – Connections, Protocols, Workloads

Get a concise picture of the entire stack, from network to nodes to application containers. See resource utilization and network packet information.

Integrates with SIEM/SEM Tools

The transience of containers makes it difficult to detect and investigate security issues. Integrate NeuVector with tools like SPLUNK through SYSLOG for alerting, correlation, and forensics.


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