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NeuVector fully supports the open source community. Our team ensures that you can meet industry standards for Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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CIS Benchmark

The Kubernetes and Docker CIS benchmarks for security check for dozens of common best-practices around deploying Docker containers in production. NeuVector automatically runs these tests on all Docker hosts and containers and produces a comprehensive report of the results. The NeuVector Kubernetes CIS benchmark implementation has been released as open source by NeuVector to help ensure secure Kubernetes deployments for the community.


Red Hat OpenShift

NeuVector supports the Red Hat OpenShift security benchmarks. These benchmarks, inspired by the CIS Benchmarks for Kubernetes, provide an important set of security auditing checks for the deployment of OpenShift. The benchmarks evaluate the configuration of the master node components, worker node components, and other orchestrator, host, and container configurations to provide a Pass or Warning status for each check, as well as an overall benchmark score. If appropriate, remediation advice is provided for each check.

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