Introduction to Kubernetes: Security and NeuVector

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What is it and how is it unique from every other security product?

We know there are too many sales-oriented product webinars. That’s why NeuVector now hosts a fast-paced, engineering lead monthly webinar to give you the facts about our innovative container security without inflated capabilities or typical sales fluff. Tracy Walker gives tips & tools at #Neuvector101 on 03/09. Register for free today.

In just 30 minutes, you will learn:

  • Why NeuVector is the only security product on the planet that can identify, inspect and validate ALL Kubernetes container network traffic at Layer 7 using the only true source of truth: Runtime Network Traffic.
  • How NeuVector automatically learns the unique behavior of an application and automatically creates security policies based on that behavior to create a zero-trust environment inside of Kubernetes.
  • How to leverage vulnerability & compliance scanning AND NeuVector’s Behavioral Learning into automated CI/CD pipelines for REAL runtime security at the speed of DevOps.

Who should attend?

  • DevSecOps and DevOps
  • Security and Applications Architects
  • Network and Application Security
  • Kubernetes and Platform Architects