The Ultimate Guide to Kubernetes Security

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Containers and tools like Kubernetes enable enterprises to automate many aspects of application deployment, providing tremendous business benefits. But these new deployments are just as vulnerable to attacks and exploits from hackers and insiders as traditional environments.
  • Learn how attacks can target Kubernetes deployments
  • Discover how to secure containers and Kubernetes systems resources at run-time
  • See how the NeuVector multi-vector container firewall protects Kubernetes deployments
  • Review the summary checklist for securing Kubernetes
This guide will help security teams understand the attack surface for Kubernetes deployments and how vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers. Real examples such as those used in Tesla and Jenkins crypto-mining exploits are provided. A complete checklist of actions to secure the infrastructure and application containers in a Kubernetes deployment is provided.

Continuously Discover, Monitor, and Protect Containers

This guide is brought to you by NeuVector, the leader in Kubernetes Security
  • Discover running applications, services and processes, and apply the built-in security policies for them
  • Monitor running containers & hosts for violations, threats, break outs, and vulnerabilities, and
  • Audit security settings of hosts, Docker daemon, and containers for internal and external compliance
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