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Complimentary Download - Gartner report: DevOps Security Coaches Help Organizations Gain Leverage Without Training Everyone


According to Gartner, DevSecOps is about speed and efficiency, yet security is often seen by development managers as a training burden or blocking issue. Security and risk management leaders should name an individual as a security expert in development teams — a coach who conveys security priorities to colleagues. Download this complimentary Gartner research report to:

  • Identify members of product teams who have an interest in security and encourage them with extra training, responsibilities and perks. Use them as coaches to build security knowledge in the DevOps teams.
  • Integrate security tools into the existing developer workflow. Any tool that is outside their usual rhythm is likely to be skipped or abandoned.
  • Encourage security coaches through self-directed training, performance bonuses and other perks that will keep their enthusiasm high and expand their knowledge of application security.
  • Establish “office hours” — set periods of time during the week or month — where coaches can be available to any developer or other product team member to answer questions, work on problems or give local training.

This Gartner report outlines how security and risk management leaders overseeing application security should help organizations gain leverage and improve the likelihood of success. We believe this Gartner report will help identify appropriate use cases for DevOps culture and help to identify security problems sooner, so they are less expensive to fix during the development cycle. 


Now Integrate Security into Your DevOps Toolchain

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  • Protect containers from DevOps to Run-Time
  • Full lifecycle vulnerability management and compliance checks
  • Implement 'security policy as code' to quickly deploy secure applications
  • Protect east-west container traffic with the only cloud-native container firewall with Layer 7 deep packet inspection, DLP, and built-in threat detection
  • Monitor running containers & hosts for violations, threats, break outs, and vulnerabilities
  • Audit security settings of hosts, Docker daemon, and containers for internal and external compliance

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