Container Security

NeuVector Launches Container Security Solution

By Fei Huang, Co-Founder of NeuVector

There are many benefits of containers which are driving the popularity of container platforms like Docker.

It is easy to forget that container deployments are fairly new and the threats unknown. Like virtualization did, containers will bring a new set of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to be assessed and mitigated.

At NeuVector we’re developing a run-time container security solution which protects running containers where and when they are most at risk – at run-time. In a nutshell, without giving away too many secrets, NeuVector will:

  • Discover running applications, services, and processes, and apply the built-in security policies for them
  • Monitor running containers for violations, threats, and vulnerabilities, and
  • Protect your containers from suspicious activity with no manual policies required learn more…

It’s an exciting time for us and we’re currently beta testing the solution privately with enterprises and partners. And we’re getting great feedback and support, so we’re ready to invite a few more beta partners.

Try NeuVector Now

It’s easy to try it out. Just deploy the NeuVector container on your hosts and launch the local security console to monitor your services. We would like to hear your feedback and will supply plenty of coffee cards to keep you going, or movie tickets to keep you entertained! Thanks,


About the Author

Fei Huang is the CEO and Co-Founder of NeuVector Inc.
He has over 15 years of experience in enterprise security, virtualization, cloud and infrastructure software. He has held engineering management positions at VMware, CloudVolumes, and Trend Micro and was the co-founder of DLP security company Provilla.

NeuVector, the leader in Container Network Security, delivers highly integrated, automated security for Kubernetes and OpenShift, and is the only next generation container firewall with packet-level interrogation and enforcement.