Container Security

Container Security Must Be Easy

We are all familiar by now with the promised benefits of deploying applications with Docker containers. These include: Significant scalability and agility improvements, Predictable performance and resource isolation, and Application portability and rapid deployment. However, as more companies move to deploy more business-critical applications using containers, it’s important not to reduce containers’ benefits by complex… Read more »

Docker Security

Are the built-in security controls of Docker ‘good enough’?

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on When deploying Docker containers into production here’s a frequently asked question: “Are the built-in security controls of Docker ‘good enough’ for my service?” There’s been quite a few posts recently assessing the security requirements for containerdeployments and taking a stand one way or another. A blog… Read more »

Container Security

NeuVector Launches Container Security Solution

By Fei Huang, Co-Founder of NeuVector There are many benefits of containers which are driving the popularity of container platforms like Docker. It is easy to forget that container deployments are fairly new and the threats unknown. Like virtualization did, containers will bring a new set of risks, threats, and vulnerabilities to be assessed and… Read more »