Cloud Security

NeuVector provides run-time container security for the Alibaba-Docker partnership

Today NeuVector announced that customers of Alibaba-Cloud, the cloud service provider for Alibaba Group, can now secure their Docker container deployments with NeuVector. For companies running business critical, container-based services in the cloud, NeuVector provides the run-time visibility and security required to protect containers against attacks, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access. This announcement comes at the… Read more »

Container Security

15 Tips for a Run-time Container Security Strategy

By Fei Huang There’s been a lot of recent discussions online about container security, but most have focused on image scanning or the host and OS security. The lack of enterprise security tools for containers has caused people to focus too narrowly.  It’s like the old saying “when all I have is a hammer, everything… Read more »

Container Security

DABCC Radio Podcast: Henrik Rosendahl about Container Security

In episode 260, first broadcast on, Douglas Brown interviews Henrik Rosendahl, Head of Business Development for NeuVector. Henrik and Douglas discuss the NeuVector container security solution and Docker / Container security in general. Henrik explains how NeuVector works, what it takes to get up and running, why we need security when deploying containers and… Read more »

Docker Security

Improving Docker Security: A Better Way to Secure Your Container Network

Using Linux containers like those enabled by Docker provides a perfect encapsulation method to package application components, or micro-services. Is there any need to worry about Docker security? Some would argue that just the process of deploying applications as container based micro-services improves overall security and reduces the applications attack surface. Let’s assume that everyone… Read more »