Network Security

How Docker Swarm Container Networking Works – Under the Hood

By Gary Duan, CTO, NeuVector Docker 1.12 is a release loaded with a lot of great features. With built-in orchestration and by removing dependencies on the external KV store, Docker Swarm allows DevOps to quickly deploy a multi-host docker cluster that “just works.” Although not without controversies, when compared to Kubernetes, Docker Swarm’s ease-of-use is… Read more »

Cloud Security

How to Secure AWS Containers and Use ECS for Container Security

AWS containers are growing rapidly in popularity but how to secure containers in production is still a new topic. In this video from AWS re:Invent Henrik Johansson and Michael Capicotto present how to secure containers on AWS and use AWS ECS for security and governance. We also provide a summary below. Session Description Containers have… Read more »

Docker Security

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See – Docker Network Security

There’s been a lot of discussion of container security for images, platforms, and the OS. But not much about getting visibility of the container network, especially for security purposes. Docker networking can be a complex, big topic, and Docker network security is not well understood. A common question we often hear is: How can I see the… Read more »

containers vs virtual machines

Container Security

Containers vs Virtual Machines (vms) – A Security Perspective

By Henrik Rosendahl What are the arguments for containers vs virtual machines (VM’s)? Back in March 2016 Mike Coleman (@mikegcoleman) from Docker wrote a blog post titled: Containers Are Not VMs. Mike and I used to be colleagues at VMware EUC – working on delivering applications in virtual desktop environments. As you probably already know… Read more »