Container Security

How to Enforce Egress Container Security Policies in Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Istio

Prevent Data Breaches and Unauthorized External Connections from Container Clusters with Egress Control By Gary Duan While more and more applications are moving to a microservices and container-based architecture, there are legacy applications that cannot be containerized. External egress from a container cluster to these applications needs to be secured with egress container security policies… Read more »

Open Source Security

Docker Security

How to Protect Container Infrastructures Against the Malware “Doki”

By Fei Huang Recently, security researchers from Intezer shared an interesting case study about malware targeting public Docker environments. Security researchers have named this malware Doki. It is being downloaded and installed as a Linux backdoor. It is using the DynDNS service and a unique Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA) based on the Dogecoin cryptocurrency blockchain… Read more »

Cloud Security

Use Cloud-Native Tools OPA and CRD to Protect Applications from Pipeline to Production

By Gary Duan Application owners and IT administrators have been looking for tools that can help them secure their application pipeline, from the development stage to deployment and production. How to do this reliably and efficiently without slowing down development processes remains a big challenge. This is where Open Policy Agent (OPA) and Kubernetes Custom… Read more »

Cloud Security

O’Reilly Survey shows cloud adoption is on the rise and cloud security is top of mind. What’s your plan?

By Fei Huang, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder, NeuVector We made it! We’re halfway through 2020 and we’ve all adjusted to a new way of working. In the technology world, based on what we see, the migration to Cloud Computing isn’t slowing down. In fact, some verticals are accelerating cloud adoption. A cloud infrastructure is… Read more »