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NeuVector 2.0 Automates Kubernetes Security Incident Detection and Response

Release enables enterprises to deploy Kubernetes with confidence by automating security and adding protection from new threat vectors


San Jose, CA – April 12, 2018 – NeuVector, the leader in Kubernetes security delivering the first and only multi-vector container firewall, today announced NeuVector 2.0. The enhanced security solution further protects Kubernetes environments by building on the unique NeuVector run-time security automation, which combines east-west traffic visibility with container process monitoring and vulnerability scanning. NeuVector 2.0 adds important new capabilities that include a Kubernetes incident response system alongside advanced process and file system protections to secure against new attack vectors.

NeuVector 2.0 will be available for demo at RSA Conference 2018 in San Francisco, April 16-20 (booth #4910).

Enterprises require fast and decisive responses when security incidents and potential attacks occur within Kubernetes deployments. NeuVector 2.0 deploys within an organization’s existing security processes to rapidly address and mitigate ongoing container threats. When NeuVector detects threats and vulnerabilities, the new auto-response rules – built to address common container attacks and security alerts – instantly provide response actions to protect containers and generate alerts. These rules can also be customized to match criteria such as specific container vulnerability profiles, or set to address suspicious activity across multiple threat vectors – including the container network, processes, or file system. NeuVector 2.0 provides a unique range of incident responses, with full capabilities to quarantine compromised containers, generate custom notifications, and whitelist non-critical events. Using NeuVector 2.0, enterprises can fully address container security events and protect their applications, container services, and infrastructure from multi-vector attacks.

NeuVector 2.0 also adds new automated protections that detect exploits within containers, such as suspicious processes or file system activities. The security solution automatically calculates a baseline of container processes, whitelists legitimate activity, and alerts on any deviation from the baseline. Any installation of malicious packages, libraries, or new executables – or any modification to sensitive files – triggers NeuVector to scan the container for vulnerabilities and alert on the suspicious activity. These automatic protections do not require configuration but do allow for easy customization of whitelist/blacklist rules as desired. The new capabilities bolster NeuVector’s multi-vector firewall by adding deeper insights into activities within Kubernetes deployments, further safeguarding containers from process and file system attack vectors.

“The highly dynamic nature of Kubernetes environments makes robust and responsive threat automation a critical requirement to enterprise security,” said Fei Huang, CEO, NeuVector. “The release of NeuVector 2.0 offers rapid detection and response that addresses security threats as they occur, while protecting systems from process and file system-based attacks. We focus on continually automating the real-time security of Kubernetes deployments for enterprises using our solution.”

About NeuVector

NeuVector is the leader in Kubernetes security and delivers the first and only multi-vector container firewall – which enables the confident deployment of enterprise-wide container strategies across multi-cloud and on-prem environments. NeuVector provides east-west container traffic visibility, container protection, and host security in a highly integrated, automated security solution. Customers include global leaders in financial services, healthcare and publishing, and the company is partners with AWS, Docker, IBM, Rancher, Red Hat, and others. Founded by industry veterans from Fortinet, VMware, and Trend Micro, NeuVector has developed patent-pending behavioral learning for container security.

About the Author

Glen is VP Marketing & Product Management at NeuVector.
Glen has over 20 years of experience in enterprise security, marketing SaaS, and infrastructure software. He has held executive management positions at Trend Micro, Provilla, Reactivity, Quantum and Rignite.

NeuVector, the leader in Container Network Security, delivers highly integrated, automated security for Kubernetes and OpenShift, and is the only next generation container firewall with packet-level interrogation and enforcement.