RedHat OpenShift Security Webinar

Network Security

OpenShift Container Security

OpenShift Security for Network Visibility and Runtime Protection RedHat OpenShift and Kubernetes provide the tools to deploy and manage containers at scale. But how can OpenShift security be integrated into the workflow? In this briefing, NeuVector CTO Gary Duan introduces the docker container threat landscape and the Openshift security requirements for the Build, Ship, and Run… Read more »

docker networking to external services

Network Security

How to Secure Docker Networking for Access to External Networks and Applications

Getting container visibility and security for docker networking can be a challenge even for a pure container based application stack, or cluster. For most enterprises this challenge can be even tougher when trying to secure a hybrid environment with both container and non-container applications. Many enterprises are in the midst of migration projects to a… Read more »

Network Security

Release: NeuVector Announces Container Visualization, Encryption, and Security Solution for NGINX Plus

NeuVector’s unique network-layer visibility and run-time protection combines with NGINX Plus’ security capabilities to safeguard business-critical container applications San Jose, California – March 8, 2017 – NeuVector, which delivers continuous network security for containers, today announced support for NGINX Plus security capabilities into the NeuVector console. NGINX Plus, the enterprise-grade application delivery platform from NGINX,… Read more »

Network Security

NeuVector Delivers an Integrated Run-time Solution for NGINX Plus

Encrypted Tunnels with NGINX Plus Combined with NeuVector Run-Time Network Security Protect Business Critical Container Applications NGINX is one of the top container downloads from Docker hub, gaining widespread adoption. NGINX Plus adds enterprise-ready features offering even greater security, availability and manageability for production deployments of containers. However, with the increase in east-west container to container… Read more »

Network Security

How Docker Swarm Container Networking Works – Under the Hood

By Gary Duan, CTO, NeuVector Docker 1.12 is a release loaded with a lot of great features. With built-in orchestration and by removing dependencies on the external KV store, Docker Swarm allows DevOps to quickly deploy a multi-host docker cluster that “just works.” Although not without controversies, when compared to Kubernetes, Docker Swarm’s ease-of-use is… Read more »