DABCC Radio Podcast: Henrik Rosendahl about Container Security

NeuVector Container Security

In episode 260, first broadcast on DABCC.com, Douglas Brown interviews Henrik Rosendahl, Head of Business Development for NeuVector. Henrik and Douglas discuss the NeuVector container security solution and Docker / Container security in general. Henrik explains how NeuVector works, what it takes to get up and running, why we need security when deploying containers and much more!

Are the built-in security controls of Docker ‘good enough’?

NeuVector Docker Security

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on dabcc.com When deploying Docker containers into production here’s a frequently asked question: “Are the built-in security controls of Docker ‘good enough’ for my service?” There’s been quite a few posts recently assessing the security requirements for containerdeployments and taking a stand one way or another. A blog post on Docker’s blog asserts …