container firewall vs web application firewall

Web Application Firewall vs. Container Firewall

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How is a Container Firewall Different Than a Web Application Firewall? By Gary Duan Application containers provide an efficient way to deploy and manage applications, including web facing ones. But with containerization, securing applications has become even more challenging. I often get asked for the comparison of a web application firewall vs. container firewall. I also get asked about next …

Next Generation Firewall vs. Container Firewall

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What’s a Container Firewall? And how is it different than a Next Generation Firewall? By Gary Duan Containers and microservices are revolutionizing computing. But can firewalls help secure these? Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) were supposed to handle the latest threats and data center designs, but fall short in the new cloud microservices environments. Here’s a comparison of the next generation …

Securing Container Deployments from Build to Ship to Run – Rancher Labs Online Meetup

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Watch the meetup video for a comprehensive overview of Continuous Container Security. The meetup is hosted by Shannon Williams, co-founder of Rancher, with lots of Q&A, so it’s long (2 hrs!). Here’s the start times for the key sections of Securing Container Deployments: [08:11] Quick Security Tips from Rancher, Bill Maxwell Director of DevOps Rancher @cloudnautique [33:06] Continuous Container Network …

Release: NeuVector is First to Demonstrate VMware vSphere Integrated Containers Security at the Application Layer

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NeuVector’s robust container security feature-set demonstrated on nested vSphere Integrated Containers-based applications San Jose, CA – August 23, 2017 – NeuVector, which delivers continuous network security for containers, today announced that it has successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the NeuVector container security solution to monitor and protect applications running in nested VMware vSphere® Integrated Containers™ environments. Doing so establishes NeuVector …

RedHat OpenShift Security Webinar

OpenShift Container Security

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OpenShift Security for Network Visibility and Runtime Protection RedHat OpenShift and Kubernetes provide the tools to deploy and manage containers at scale. But how can OpenShift security be integrated into the workflow? In this briefing, NeuVector CTO Gary Duan introduces the docker container threat landscape and the Openshift security requirements for the Build, Ship, and Run phases. Runtime visibility and Kubernetes …