crypto mining

Cryptojacking and Crypto Mining – Tesla, Kubernetes, and Jenkins Exploits

NeuVector Container Security

By Gary Duan Tesla and Jenkins have become the latest victims of data infiltration and cryptojacking. In the Tesla case, the exploits started when a Tesla Kubernetes cluster was compromised because the administrative console was not password protected. Once an attacker gains admin privilege of the Kubernetes cluster, he or she can discover all the services that are running, get …

Open Source Security

Achieving Open Source Security in Container Environments

NeuVector Cloud Security

By Tim Mackey, Technology Evangelist , Black Duck by Synopsys This is a guest post from NeuVector partner Black Duck Software. Today, open source components are at the heart of most modern applications, transforming how we architect solutions in every industry. Black Duck’s 2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis of over 1000 commercial applications revealed that 96% of applications scanned utilized …

Enhancing OpenShift and Kubernetes Container Security for Business Critical Deployments

NeuVector Container Security

In this webinar from, Andrew Toth from Red Hat outlines typical threats and security measures to protect container deployments and will share information on built-in security features of OpenShift and Kubernetes. Glen Kosaka from NeuVector then presents how to enhance security for Kubernetes and OpenShift by using advanced Kubernetes container security features to improve visibility and protection in production. An …

AWS reInvent Highlights

NeuVector Cloud Security

By Gary Duan This was my first time attending AWS re:Invent. NeuVector was also a sponsor and our team was here to meet with customers and discuss their use cases. Although Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are rising rapidly, the vast user base of AWS and countless new features and improvements introduced every week make AWS the dominant force for …

Equifax Data Breach Analysis – Container Security Implications

NeuVector Container Security

By Gary Duan The Equifax data breach is one of the largest and costliest customer data leaks in history. Let’s take a closer look at the vulnerabilities and exploits reportedly used. Could the use of containers have helped protect Equifax? We’ll examine how proper security in a container based infrastructure helps to make application security more effective. The Apache Struts …