Deal Registration Terms and Guidelines

ELIGIBILITY: An opportunity is eligible for deal registration if the Partner and the Partner’s opportunity meet all the following criteria as determined at NeuVector’s sole reasonable discretion (“Deal Registration”):

  1. Partner must submit a deal registration application located at: Deal Registration Form
  2. The deal must specify a single business opportunity either at the company or sub-division level(s) that is not already an active NeuVector customer or active prospect.
  3. The prospective Customer has not been contacted by NeuVector sales or business development in relation to sales of Products within the past six (6) months.
  4. The deal is not registered by another Partner.
  5. NeuVector accepts in writing or by email the referral submitted on the Deal Registration request form.
  6. Partner is working with Customer employee who has the authority, or whose immediate superior has the authority to purchase Products.
  7. The Customer enters into a Customer agreement with the Partner to purchase Products prior to expiration of the approved Registration Term (defined below).
  8. The deal is not the subject of a Public Tender that has been published; provided, however, that before the Public Tender has been published, the Partner shall be eligible to register the deal. “Public Tender” means a request for proposal (RFP), invitation for bid (IFB), request for quote (RFQ), or similar public sector tender process that is subject to public procurement laws or regulations.
  9. Each Deal Registration will be valid for six (6) months beginning from the Registration Approval Date. Partner may submit a Deal Registration extension request prior to the six-month expiration. In its sole discretion, NeuVector may grant the extension request before the Registration Term expires.
  10. NeuVector shall have the sole right to accept or reject the Deal Registration request from the Partner by submitting written notification (through email or other form of written notice) of such acceptance or rejection to Partner within three (3) business days of receipt of the submission of the Deal Registration request form. Possible reasons NeuVector may reject a deal registration or extension request include:
    1. The Customer has rejected the Partner’s bid or quote.
    2. Partner does not close the deal within the Registration Term, and no extension or renewal of the Registration Term has been granted.
    3. The Partner is not actively working the deal or has been inattentive to the Customer’s needs.
    4. The Partner quotes a competitor’s product or service for the registered opportunity.
    5. Partner is in breach of this Agreement.
  11. If Partner is granted a Deal Registration and a Customer executes a Customer agreement with the Partner, NeuVector agrees to offer Partner favourable pricing according to the Partner Fee schedule listed in their NeuVector Partner Agreement.
  12. NeuVector may, in its sole reasonable discretion, determine that more than one Partner is involved in a lead referral and may apportion Partner pricing accordingly.