Intelligent Kubernetes Security

Secure Containers Deployed with Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform and GKE

Kubernetes from Google is one of the leading container orchestration platforms, easing large-scale management of containers. But don’t forget to deploy an intelligent Kubernetes security solution to secure containers in production.

  • Easily deploy the NeuVector container using Kubernetes and the NeuVector yaml templates
  • Discover and map application behavior and Kubernetes system containers in NeuVector

  • Monitor NeuVector containers from the Kubernetes console

Visualize and Learn Kubernetes Container Behavior

NeuVector automatically discovers all containers including Kubernetes system containers and maps their behavior.

  • Visualize connections and switch between logical and physical views of containers

  • Show or hide the Kubernetes system services such as load balancing and DNS

Enforce Scalable Kubernetes Security

Use the NeuVector Kubernetes yaml templates with Kubernetes services to ensure that each new host running application containers has a NeuVector security container.

  • Automatically detect container and Kubernetes network changes as applications scale or update

  • Protect containers from violations and threats during run-time

  • Scan containers and hosts for vulnerabilities

Secure Deployment on Google Container Platform

Whether deploying on a private cloud or with GKE on Google Container Platform, NeuVector provides the container visibility and Kubernetes security needed to run business-critical production applications in the cloud.

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