Enforce Container Security Without Slowing DevOps Down

Security, compliance and visibility for the dynamic world of containers

With the rush to implement agile and CI/CD processes, containers can get out of control and compromise enterprise security. NeuVector gives the security team, CSO, and CISO container peace of mind. Without slowing down the DevOps team.

  • Deploys easily on greenfield or brownfield (running) applications without service impact

  • Protects running containers against violations, threats, and vulnerabilities

  • Eliminates manual security configurations as containers start running, get updated or are stopped

Continuous Security to Match Agile & CI/CD Processes

The most important place and time to secure containers is during run-time. When running in production or staging, containers, applications, and services should have real-time visibility and protection. Monitor container application and network behavior without requiring code changes or impacting performance.

  • Monitors containers continuously when running

  • Protects  internal ‘East-West‘ traffic between containers, hosts, and data centers

Leverages Investment in SIEM/SEM Tools

The transience of containers makes it difficult to detect and investigate security issues. Integrate NeuVector with tools like SPLUNK through SYSLOG for alerting, correlation, and forensics.

  • Correlate container security events

  • Log  all container activity for investigation and forensics

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