AWS ECS Container Security

Trust containers running on AWS and deployed using ECS, Docker, Kubernetes …

Container deployments on public clouds such as AWS need added visibility and security. Traditional cloud firewalls and security features such as Security Groups can’t adequately protect constantly changing container traffic.

  • Discover application behavior and protect containers on AWS

  • Easily deploy the NeuVector container using ECS, Kubernetes or other container tools

  • Manage NeuVector containers from the AWS ECS console

Learn App Behavior and Automatically Protect AWS Containers

NeuVector instantly discovers all containers, learns application behavior, and automatically creates a security policy to protect them from violations, threats, and vulnerabilities.

  • Eliminates security updates such as security groups for new, updated or scaling application containers

  • Provides container visibility and real-time security event logging for container traffic

  • Protects containers from threats and violations without disrupting normal container connections

Enforce Scalable AWS ECS Security

Use ECS to manage NeuVector and application containers. Ensure that each new host running application containers has a NeuVector security container.

  • Automatically detect container and ECS network changes as applications scale or update

  • Scan containers and hosts for vulnerabilities

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