A DevOps Tool for Run-time Visibility & Security

Easily visualize and monitor services, containers and network behavior

NeuVector is a security container which deploys with standard devops tools as part of your agile, CI/CD, or traditional deployment process. There’s no need to understand complex network or security settings or worry about keeping them updated.

  • Visualize services, containers, and network behavior easily in staging and production

  • Eliminates manual security configurations as containers start running, get updated or are stopped

  • Protects running containers against violations, threats, and vulnerabilities

Deploy on Greenfield and Brownfield Applications

NeuVector deploys easily on greenfield or brownfield (running) applications without service interruption. It doesn’t matter if application containers are already running in staging or production. Use standard devops tools to deploy the security container in minutes on each host. Then instantly discover application behavior, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Scan Images and Host OS for Vulnerabilities

NeuVector will scan running containers and the host OS for vulnerabilities in dev, test, staging, and production. All containers running in production should receive a ‘live’ scan. But you can also choose how early in the deployment process you test containers for application vulnerabilities.

Use the DevOps Tools of Choice

Deployment of NeuVector is super easy. Just use your favorite container devops tools to deploy the NeuVector container on hosts you wish to protect. You can set most orchestration tools to make sure NeuVector gets deployed on all hosts.

  • Supports deployment, management and orchestration tools and frameworks

  • Adapts automatically to network settings and overlay networks to secure containers

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