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NeuVector Solution Overview [5 min.]

Learn container network security problems and how NeuVector solves these pains in this five minute overview. Docker containers bring new challenges for securing containers in production.

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How to Secure AWS Containers [50 min.]

AWS containers are growing rapidly in popularity but how to secure containers in production is still a new topic. In this video from AWS re:Invent Henrik Johansson and Michael Capicotto present how to secure containers on AWS and use AWS ECS for security and governance.

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Learn Docker Container Security – A Network View [40 min.]

There’s been a lot of discussion of container security for images, platforms, and the OS. But not much about getting visibility of the container network, especially for security purposes. This webinar introduces Docker containers from a networking and security viewpoint. It contains technical tips for secure container networking.

  • Fundamentals of Docker container security
  • East-west traffic network issues on AWS and other clouds
  • How NACLs, Sec Groups, and flow logs work or don’t work with overlay networks
  • Visualization and monitoring of containers during run-time.


Sergey Motovylovets
Senior SW Operations Engineer | DevOps

Glen Kosaka
VP Products & Marketing

NeuVector Articles

Learn about container threats, attacks, and security issues. Here are selected educational articles from the NeuVector blog.

Container Alert

A Dirty Cow Container Exploit Sticks Around Even After The Container Is Destroyed

We have seen a lot of reports on how the Linux kernel can be compromised by the Dirty Cow (CVE-2016-5195) exploit. You may think that the damage can be cleaned up if the compromised container is stopped and removed. However, that is not the case!

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Public Cloud Threats

AWS Container Threats – How to Detect Threats in the Public Cloud

Today more and more applications are running in a public cloud in containers. A common question we hear is “Do AWS container threats exist and how can we detect them?”

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MongoDB Ransomware Attacks

Container Ransomware

MongoDB Ransomware Attacks Illustrate the Need for Both Traditional and New Security Techniques

The recently reported ransomware attacks on MongoDB are shocking not just by the sheer number of them – over 28,000 and counting – but also by how easily they were compromised.

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Container Ransomware

How to Protect Against Elasticsearch Ransomware Attacks

As if it wasn’t already bad enough, the ransomware attacks on MongoDB users continue to spread and have now targeted exposed Elasticsearch clusters. Here’s how to protect Elasticsearch, one of the most popular containerized applications.

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Container Network Security

Securing East-West Traffic in a Container-based Data Center

Enterprise applications moving into the cloud, either public or private, has been one of the most prominent trends in the tech industry. However, not enough attention has been paid to securing east-west (internal) traffic, especially now with containers.

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NeuVector Container Security Guide

Container Security Tips

15 Tips for a Run-time Container Security Strategy

Here are 15 tips for securing containers during run-time. We’ll start with some of the preparations for production deployment, then get into more advanced capabilities. You can also download the checklist.

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15-Tips for a Run-Time Container Security Strategy

Free Download – Container Security Checklist

  • Learn about 7 general container threats
  • Review 5 specific attacks on containers
  • Get 15 tips for securing running containers
  • Create a layered security strategy for containers
  • See 5 advanced run-time container security examples

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NeuVector Container Security Console

Topic We Can Cover

  • Top concerns about running containers in production
  • Container threats and vulnerabilities
  • Ways to lock down the system, network, and OS
  • How to discover running services and map their behavior
  • Monitoring and protecting containers from unauthorized access
  • Making sure your security policy will scale with your containers
  • Reporting and analysis of container security events

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